I have a huge passion for bringing things to life and conveying movement. I have worked in some amazing projects including a currently Academy-Nominated short film: Ostrich Politic, feature animation films, I worked in Technicolor Academy and right now I am working as a VFX Animator based in Montreal at Mill Film studio.

I have been involved professionally in Character, Creature Animation, Match move, Roto and alongside Motion Capture-based data.

Interesting Facts about me

I have been a professional actress for 15 years in movies, short films, series and more. This acting background serves me for expression, emotion and a deep understanding of feelings and actions.


I speak 3 fluent languages: English, Spanish and French (and I am on my way to learn fluent Italian). I love multiculturalism and I believe learning languages gives you new perspectives and lets you interact in a closer way with people.

I am a huge nerd, as an student, I won a government award for being the "Best Student of the City" and I won the highest award for the best average grade of my whole University: Technological Institute of Monterrey "Students who Mark a Path".

I was chosen to be an International Lead judge for "The Rookies" awards and Switzerland's film festival "Animatiopia".